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Of Biting Bugs and Gopher Wood

I’d like to ask everyone to follow my new blog that will chronicle our life in Surfside Beach and life on the Upper Texas coast. It will include essays and my own photography. This is today’s entry in the new blog. Thank you. KC

Scribbling by the Beach

Nature does nothing uselessly. — Aristotle

marsh1 Southeast Texas Salt Marsh

Barrier islands in the United States are typically backed by marshland. The marshes have their own magic and sometimes standing on the edge and looking out over the wide stretch of grass and calm, shallow water is as mesmerizing as staring at the sea. Unfortunately, mosquitoes love it just as much as we do. Much of the year, mosquitoes breed in manageable numbers in the marsh because these the tidal flats the constant influx of salt water discourages their activity. A little rain will trigger a breeding episode but not too extensively. A lot of rain, on the other hand…

Recently we had been in what amounted to a short drought and there was nary a mosquito to be found on the island all summer. It was lovely and hot and dry and we were okay with that even if…

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