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Originally this page had my inaugural post text. I’ve since moved that to “Life & Death” for good reason. As noted on the Welcome page, it began as “Scribbling by the Bayou” and I’d thought I’d keep the name because, in all truth, the bayou is but a ten-minute drive away and I still spend time in the sprawling river beds and bayous of the Upper Texas coast. Now, however, a beach is about a one-hundred-foot walk from my chair every day. This is home, this little barrier island, and while my observations of the natural world are in a separate blog here, my more personal ruminations are taking place in this sandy world far more than the bayou area.

Since I never anticipated living here, never anticipated having two separate blogs and, frankly, planned poorly, I couldn’t just change this to Scribbling by the Beach. I couldn’t do so readily, at any rate. Too, this blog is not associated with the wildlife/nature aspects of the beach although there will certainly be mention of it here and there.

Finally, this blog is a bit of a shotgun approach to my life. I have read that this is not how to get blog fans. That one should limit a blog to a focused topic. Well, honestly, I’m not writing for an audience. I’m writing for myself. That probably explains why I’ve had so little success. (rolls eyes at seeming self-deprecation and whining). This necessitates a name change that better suits the nature of the blog and a layout that allows for more targeted reading. If you want to avoid my blathering about my dog(s?) then you can click on one of the other categories. If you want to only read about him/them—well, you get the idea.

Perhaps I will never feel my words have much value and they will always be scribbling, hen scratch, blather, etc.

Maybe someday I’ll chuck the whole thing and start over with confidence and a new URL that speaks to that confidence.

For now, this is just KC’s Scribbling.

4 thoughts on “About: Me, the Blog, You, the Dog

  1. Aimer Boyz

    My blog isn’t focused either, I write about whatever pops into my head, and yes, maybe that’s why I don’t have a huge following, but…
    What’s the point of having a blog if you can’t write what you want? 🙂

  2. Diana Brown

    Wow i stumbled across this looking for information about congestive heart failure in dogs. You have me weeping openly with your story of Big Dog, my family thinks im losing it over here, and maybe i am. My 15 year old girl is going through this, over the last year noticed that she was getting a little out of breath, and making snorey grunting sounds when she is at rest.

    Then came the coughing attacks in her sleep, they would wake her and me, scare both of us stiff, and you could hear something wasnt right. Then the change happened in her abdomen, she was always a little pudgy due to being part beagle and part corgi, and part chowhound. But this was different it didnt feel like fat, it didnt move like fat. A trip to the vet revealed it wasnt fat, but fluid. Now he has her on lasix to start and see how she does, she is old , and we are worried about renal failure with the expanding medications she will have to take for CHF.

    She is my best friend, how can this be happening to her, i just cant even think straight. She outlasted a husband and 2 relationships. That girl got me through some of the hardest times of my life, and now this is going to take her from me. Im so bereaved and she hasnt even passed yet. But reading your story has made me cry tears of pain heartbreak and joy. We only have them for a short while, but they do more for our well being in their short lives than you can ever imagine. I only hope for peace for her when the time comes, like your Big Dog, i pray that my Roxie Blue can let go peacefully and not have to suffer fear or pain. Thank you for this blog.

    1. K. C. Dockal

      I’m so sorry that your Roxie Blue is going through this. I am, at this precise moment, editing a poem about the trip with Big Dog after he passed. So, how surprising to have your heartfelt reply pop up on my phone. We had 13 months with BD after diagnosis and he did well in that time. Got a bit foggy in the last month but he remained happy and out of pain. I miss him every day.

      Those coughing attacks are scary, but they were helpful in getting my attention.

      I wish you the best for your girl and thank you for your comment. I know how special she is to you. You speak of her like I speak/spoke of BD. These dogs are just special.

      Warm regards. KC.


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