K.C. Dockal is a writer of literary fiction and creative non-fiction. She resides in a suburban brick-veneer home that looks like all the other brick-veneer homes in her neighborhood south of Houston, Texas, and she likes it just fine, thank you very much, though she wouldn’t mind living in a beach house or lake house for the rest of her days with her husband, a few dogs, and regular visits from her kids and grandkids.

She loves run-on sentences and talks about herself in the third person sometimes.

Addendum: About that beach house–it seems K.C. and her husband have made significant in-roads on that and have a little spot on the Upper Texas coast now. Hopefully, global warming won’t be the end of it too soon. It’s a pretty little place where she intends to chill on the deck, write, walk the beach with the husband, collect shells, collect memories, collect knowledge about the marine environment, and just generally survive getting older.

This guy makes life better for us at both bayou and beach.


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