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I'm a writer, Texan by transplantation, left-of-center moderate, in-flux Christian who borders on Creation Spiritualist.

Art & Grief: Finding the Perfection in the Imperfect

I stitched and the dog snored and life was sweet and warm. I finished the biscornu and in all those stitches and waves and snoring came words for the page… Continue reading

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The Joy Between Naps: facing mortality.

When you walk beside someone daily, you don’t always see the subtle changes in their bodies and faces as they age. Perhaps, now and then, you take a step back and look critically and realize they’ve put on ten pounds … Continue reading

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Of Biting Bugs and Gopher Wood

Originally posted on Scribbling by the Beach:
Nature does nothing uselessly. — Aristotle Southeast Texas Salt Marsh Barrier islands in the United States are typically backed by marshland. The marshes have their own magic and sometimes standing on the edge…

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Lost Art

These things cloud my head (with my permission) like a perpetual flu. If I were an addict, I could blame drugs or booze, but my addictions are the 3 x 5 screen in my hand and the constant reexamination of pain and rage. Better to binge on pixels and past hurts than to leave the chasm in my brain agape because I simply can’t properly fill it. Continue reading

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Depression and Suicide: Why we can’t say “Why.”

The Void. The Beast. The Black Dog. The Pit. Depression and Suicide are once again prominent in the news cycle. Once again, we swim through speculation and rumor in social media and the word “why” ricochets off Facebook walls and … Continue reading

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When my husband and I bought our first home, it was with the conviction that it was our last home. “This is where I will grow old with him and die,” I told myself. When the economic growth of the … Continue reading

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Roll Tide: Enough! Me Too!

A left-wing cartoonist, rightly pointing out the lack of outrage over war and health care abuses, stupidly minimizes assault by men in power as “ass grabbing.”  Far right Alabamians by the thousands justified voting for a pedophile by saying so many … Continue reading

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Big Dog in a Big Crisis and Me Giving Thanks

It began as slower walks around the block and clumsier hops onto the couch. When the crisis occurred, we had no idea what we were dealing with and I was completely off the mark. Some history: Blind from birth, our … Continue reading

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My 99-Cent Novel. How I Feel About Seeing my Book on the Discount Rack.

Originally posted on Seeing the Elephants:
My first novel can be bought on Amazon for 99 cents. That’s quite a deal, less than a buck. One time I ordered three of them, just to give to friends. You quickly learn…

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Cyclones and Cycles: Letting Go of Stuff

Hurricane Harvey has come and gone leaving the Flood from Hell in his wake. I feel not one bit qualified to write about, “the Experience of Harvey.” I will say, in a nutshell, we were fortunate and had almost no … Continue reading

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